Skylt - The sensational Invisible Finish

Unlike most other paint providers, we are known for introducing cutting edge products to the UK market. The revolutionary new Skylt Floor Varnish that we have added recently is no exception. For application to wooden floors, Skylt is almost invisible, extraordinarily durable and water-based.

What makes this varnish so revolutionary?

The answer to this question is simple - Skylt Floor Varnish is invisible - leaving the surface with an untreated appearance - and extremely durable, safe and easy to apply. It is also extremely hygienic and requires little maintenance.

Visibility - Most floor varnishes have comparatively high sheen levels. While flooring appears to be matte when viewed from some angles, viewing them from different angles produces an unwanted, unpleasant glare. In addition, many of these varnishes are tinted and will change the natural colour of the wood.

Clear and with a sheen level lower than 5, Skylt Floor Varnish protects and enhances wood flooring without ruining its natural beauty. Surfaces will appear matte and without glare viewed from any angle, and the natural colour of the wood is enhanced, rather than changed.

Durability - Abrasion tests (Falling Sand method) have shown that Skylt Floor Varnish has an abrasion value of just 50 mg / 2000 rev, which is far lower than that of other varnishes (see values below). Combined with the permanent elasticity of this product, this makes it the most durable product currently available.

Abrasion values for regular solvent-based varnishes:

  • PU floor varnish 1-comp. - 60 mg / 2000 rev
  • PU floor varnish 2-comp. - 80 mg / 2000 rev
  • Swedish formula - 150 mg / 2000 rev

Abrasion values for regular water-based varnishes:

  • PU floor varnish 2-comp. - 65 mg / 2000 rev
  • PU floor varnish 1-comp. - 80 mg / 2000 rev
  • PU/AC floor 1-comp. - 100 mg / 2000 rev

Safety - Because Skylt Floor Varnish is water-based and does not contain solvents, it has an extremely low VOC content - a mere 28 mg per litre (the average VOC content of other varnishes ranges around 500 mg per litre). This makes it:

  • Virtually odourless
  • Non-combustible
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic

In short, it is environmentally friendly, does not affect the health of users in any way and can be applied without the need for protective clothing and masks. It is, as a matter of fact, the most suitable product for environments frequented by allergy/ asthma sufferers.

Application - Skylt Floor Varnish flows freely and can be applied easily with a regular paint roller/ brush. Extremely versatile, it will adhere extremely well to a range of surfaces, including:

  • Wood flooring (strip, plank or parquet)
  • Vinyl
  • Materials with a concrete-look Linoleum
  • Cork and more

This, of course, makes it not only suitable for floors, but for a whole range of possible wood/ cork applications requiring an invisible, ultra-matte finish, including, for instance:

  • Tables
  • Staircase fittings/ furniture
  • Kitchen units
  • Interior doors
  • Dressers
  • Counter tops
  • Cabinets, and so on

Hygiene/ Maintenance - Skylt Floor Varnish seals surfaces to perfection, preventing moisture from seeping in and causing moulds/ bacteria build-up. This, of course, means this product is highly hygienic. Regular maintenance consists of occasionally wiping the surface with Skylt's Conditioner Spray & Wipe - as this product is residue-free, no rinsing is required. Should the need to sand this varnish arise, users will also find that it sands readily.

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